Who are we?

We are a community of mindfulness teachers and practitioners who are connected by a vision for supporting the Irish education system and those working in it.

We are also a group of teachers and alumni from John Scottus School, Dublin (including a principal, a deputy principal, a bursar and a mindfulness teacher) where the practice of mindfulness and meditation has been central to the ethos since the school was founded in 1986. Even the school motto reflects this: Laetus Impraesens – Delight in the Present.

We are passionate about placing wellbeing at the centre of the staffroom and by extension the classroom. By no means do we claim to have all the answers but with 30 years of experience in how to get Mindfulness embedded into a school’s daily life, we are keen to share what we’ve learnt with the wider teaching public and support teachers in developing their mindfulness practice.

We started with a simple conversation over cups of tea, one day after school in 2014, and since then we have run two successful sell-out conferences, attended by over 350 teachers with more on the waiting list, and another one on the horizon for the spring of 2017.

Want to join us? 

If you’re interested in being a part of the 2017 conference, bringing your skills to the organising team or offering a mindful talk/session/practice, please get in touch. Or if you’d like to haul chairs around a conference hall, we’re always looking for folk like you too 🙂

For all further queries please contact us on the following: